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Create animated slideshow with unlimited photos, video clips, favorite background music and dynamic transition effect on Mac easily. Export slideshow to HD movie to share the perfect moment with your family on even bigger screen HDTV.

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Show Your Photos on HDTV with Transition and Music or Share Online

Make HD Slideshow on Mac Easily

Have thousands of exciting photos or video clips from grand festival and daily life, want to share them with your family or friends? HD Slideshow Maker helps you make fantastic slideshows from those photos and video clips with favorite background music and dynamic transition effect, then encode slideshows into full-HD videos so you can share the perfect moment on even bigger screen of HDTV. HD Slideshow Maker allows you make a slideshow movie with high resolution of 1920x1080. It’s really a good utility for you to share the happiness with friends.More...


System Required

hd slideshow maker requires Lion 7.0

HD Slideshow Maker runs on the world's most advanced desktop OS X Lion.

High speed video encoding and full screen are supported by HD Slideshow Maker.


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“I really enjoy this slideshow software, it's so easy to create an amazing slideshow and play on HDTV.”

Сeorge Lee

Key Features of HD Slideshow Maker

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1. Easy to use, everyone can make an attractive dynamic slideshow in minutes.

It’s time to boil over your happiness about Christmas, birthday party, and other scream moment. Just add all of the images and video clips you have collected and add your favorite songs as the background music. The slideshow is almost ready for you to show. It is as easy as 1,2,3. Everyone can use it without learning.

2. Synchronize duration between slideshow and background music exactly

The program can calculate duration of each photo automatically and match duration between all slideshow and background music exactly.

3. Fully adjust volume of backgroud music and video clips

When playing video clips, you can decrease volume of background music or mute it. At the same time, you can also modify volume of video clips.

4. Export to Full-HD video with high speed

Most HDTV has USB port and supports 1080p video, HD Slideshow maker is designed to export slideshow to HDTV format, the output video resolutions can be as high as 1920x1080, just for your HDTV. All you need is to copy the video to USB drive, then plugin HDTV USB port and enjoy. Your photos will look so great with this highest quality on HDTV.

5. Variety of transition effects

Ready to enrich your slideshow! Add the cool effects and animations to your photos and create multi-photo montages .There are a variety of transition effects to choose. You can also customize Ken Burns effect (pan/zoom) for each photo.

6. Large of album theme styles to choose

You can find any album styles here. No longer the monotony and simple album themes as others. The dramatic album theme will help the slideshow more attractive. All of your friends and family will like it.

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